Aviation – Spare Parts and MRO

Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) expenditures are a significant proportion of an airline’s costs. Not only do WCL understand the need for optimizing your supply chain to reduce these costs, but we have the capabilities to execute your wishes, without delay.

Emergency (AOG)
Although this figure is close to the maximum possible amount, it’s still sobering to learn that the cost, per day, for an A380 Airbus to be grounded due to technical reasons is €925,000. (Source: Airbus China)
WCL offer on-time arrival of engines, with all packing, handling, transport and storage conditions prescribed by the manufacturer. We can organize the transport of shipments that are too large, heavy or odd-sized for normal air freight.

WCL has the most Air-ride (Air Suspension) “Box” truck on the road and we are specialise in “CFM-56” delivery.